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Content For You, By You....

Our aim is to make great content for you, with the help of the people that mean the most to us, our customers.
Every participant that post us videos or images will receive a unique 3% off voucher code. Our soical media team will directly message you your code via Facebook messenger. Any content we select in our forthcoming marketing content will receive our social media team will contact you directly to arrange a more substantial credit.
The type of content we're after (Ideally images & videos with your camera or phone in landscape orientation).......
>Platinum Plus Product Shots
>Horse Laid Down On Platinum Plus Bedding
>Horse Images With A Scenic Backdrop
Use your imaginations, & we look forward to seeing your posts. 

By entering & posting Images or Videos to the White Horse Bedding Facebook page, your works are released for White Horse Bedding to use for commercial use.
One code will be issued per person for one time use
Posts must be relevant to qualify for a discount code
Code is valid until redemption and does not expire
Code has no monetary value and can only be used as a discount against products purchased from White Horse Bedding Ltd.
Code will be messaged directly