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White Horse bedding is a condensed wood fibre pellet made from virgin softwood, high heat treated to remove any spores or toxins. We maintain ruthless quality controls throughout the manufacturing process to ensure that the bedding you receive is unbeatable in terms of dust control, absorbency and durability. Wood pellets are not created equal - pellets designed for fuel are often comprised of very fine particles that become airborne easily in a stable creating the possibility of numerous respiratory complications in the horse.

Our bedding is used by a number of the UK's top equestrians and can be relied on to be the same excellent quality time after time. 
White Horse Bedding pellets are better than the other pellets on the market for a number of reasons. Most importantly our particle texture controls and dust screening processes ensures that our pellets are made out of fibres that are suitable for horses. A large number of pellets on the horse bedding market today are simply fuel grade pellets, while these pellets are great if you've got a boiler they aren't necessarily great for your horse! Fuel pellets are designed to be burnt and so the size of the particles that they are made out of are unimportant, this means that when they break down these pellets are often comprised of very fine particles that can lead to high levels of dust in the stable and related respiratory problems in your horse.

Some suppliers of poor quality pellets will recommend that you continuously damp down a bed. This is not needed with White Horse bedding
Furthermore, some poor quality pellets include binding agents to help hold the pellets together – these are not needed for White Horse bedding.
A 12 x 12 stable will require approximately 6 to 10 bags of bedding to setup from scratch. If you aren't on rubber mats or if you are fond of large banks you should add more bags to compensate. Once you've laid the pellets in your bed you will need to add approx 1/2 a bucket of water for each bag that you have put in. This will transform the pellets into the soft, dry, absorbent bedding your horse will bed down on. Once you've converted a stable to White horse Bedding you shouldn't need to add any more bedding for the next week or so, after this period a typical stable will require 1 to 2 bags of bedding every 5 to 7 days or so.

Please be mindful that air temperature and water temperature will both have an impact on absorbency rates
We don't recommend you store your bedding outside. However because they take up so little space (65 or 100 bags will fit onto a single pallet) most users manage to find somewhere protected to put them.
Yes, White Horse Bedding will provide the same benefits to poultry, cattle, small animals and makes a great cat litter too.
Our bedding is made from a combination of virgin spruce and pine wood. Pine naturally has a pleasant smell, and actually helps remove odours from the surrounding area which will limit the stable smells. Nonetheless nothing artificial is added to the bedding to remove odours.
Your bedding will be delivered by our national distribution partner & provide a kerbside delivery. Your bedding will come on a pallet and the delivery man will lower the pallet to ground level & use a pump truck to complete the delivery. You won't need a forklift to get our bedding! Standard delivery operates on a 3 day basis providing you order before 2pm - i.e. if you order on Monday before 2pm the delivery will be with you on Wednesday. Deliveries only occur on weekdays.
White Horse Bedding composts much quicker than traditional forms of bedding. Because of this and because of the increased ratio of waste to bedding on your muck heap your muck heap represents an asset rather than a cost to you. The Carbon Nitrogen ratio of our bedding once composted is approx 17 which is well below the theoretical carbon fixing ratio of 20. Traditional shavings muck heaps have a C:N ratio of approximately 69. Moreover we are currently in the process of certifying our bedding as organic so that one can muck spread in confidence on organic land.

Muck heap removal should be concerned with what the horse feeds on, and not the bedding that is mixed in with the manure. 
It is a very low dust level bedding. We optimize the size of the particles that the bedding is created from for horses, as such you will find that this is one of the lowest dust horse bedding products available. Our bedding compares favourably to the lowest dust shavings products on the market. In comparison some wood pellets designated for the fuel market are created from very small wood particles and degenerate into a very inapropriate and dusty bedding.
Due to the investment required for any horses bed, we understand that not all customers will want to simply get rid of their existing bed. If this is the case, existing shavings beds can be moved to the banks and replaced overtime, or the pellet bed could be laid and a shaving or straw bed laid over the top for aesthetic reasons.
Think of our bedding as a super compressed form of fine wood shavings. Once laid, the bedding will require fresh water to develop the pellets into the soft wood fibres the bed is composed of . These fine fibres are very low in dust, free of allergens, easy to clean and very absorbent. Once you have initially laid a stable and dampened it down you never need to add any more water to the bed - the pellets will absorb moisture from the stable environment and develop into fibres of their own accord.
Reliability and Supply. Because we maintain large stock levels and have a very efficient distribution process there is never any danger that you won't be able to get hold of your bedding when you need it. If you do find yourself in a pickle we offer a next day deliver service (provided you order by 2pm, Mon - Fri) for a small surcharge to make sure your bedding will get to you when you need it.

Hygienic and Safe. Because we only use virgin softwoods and very carefully screen this material for foreign matter there is never any danger that your horse will be exposed to anything but the purest bedding. Unlike some of our competitors we would never grind up pallets or other waste wood to make your bedding. Because of the heat treatment used in the manufacturing process we remove all toxins and spores in our bedding creating as close to a sterile animal bedding as is possible.

No Wastage. Our bedding is much more absorbent than shavings and other traditional forms of bedding (including paper and cardboard) thus the wet spot in your stable will not spread, but remain contained for easy removal, combined with the fact that the bedding will fall easily through a shavings fork when mucking out means that you will only remove the waste from your stable and not your bedding.

Easy Storage and Handling. Bags of our bedding will fit on a single pallet, and so you will require considerably less space to store your bedding than you used to. Additionally our 10kg & 15kg bags are easy to handle and means that you don't need a wheelbarrow to lug your bedding around
Most horses immediately recognize that the pellets are made of wood and have no interest in them - wood pellets are typically less palatable to the horse than wood shavings.

Occaisionally a horse may initially confuse the pellets for pony nuts due to the similar look, however the vast majority of horses will quickly spit them out once they have recognised that the pellets contain no nutritional value.

Whilst some poorer quality pellets include a binding agent that smells like wheat and so could be attractive to a horse, White Horse bedding does not include these ingredients.
Furthermore, there are far less reported cases of colic in horses from wood pellets than either straw or shavings.
Using White Horse bedding should save you heaps of money. Apart from the very obvious difference in the upfront cost of the bedding you should realize large savings in your labour cost - anywhere from 30% - 50%. Additionally you will be removing anywhere from 30% -50% less volume from your stables as well which should reduce your muck heap removal costs as well!
Our delivery partner provide a kerbside delivery service. This means that your order will be left at the point where your property meets public property. However, our drivers usually go above and beyond to ensure that our products are in the best location for the customer as possible, and it always helps to be in on the day of delivery.