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How to Use

Initial stable setup

  1. Place 6 to 10 bags of White Horse Bedding in a clean 12 x 12 Stable (If you require large banks or are concrete you may want to add a few additional bags of bedding on the first setup)
  2. Add approximately half to a third of a bucket of water per bag.
  3. Wait 15 minutes or so and then mix the bed around to ensure an even spread.
  4. The bed will transform to a soft, fluffy but dense surface and should have some pellets that have not broken down.

Stable maintenance

  1. Remove solids and completely saturated patches daily
  2. Add 1 to 2 bags of White Horse bedding weekly and ensure it is evenly distributed throughout the bed. You only need to add water the first time you make a bed and not once the stable is up and running. The very dirtiest permanently stabled horse may require additional bedding to be added from time to time.

Other animals

Cats Add 2 to 5cm of White Horse Bedding to your cat litter tray.

Remove solids as required

Birds and other caged animals
Add a 2cm layer of White Horse Bedding to the required area. Remove solids and saturated patches as necessary. It is recommended that you turn over or generally mix in the bedding every 5 to 6 weeks.

Cat Litter
Shake box daily to bring the dry pellets to the surface.